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Summertime favourites with sauerkraut and kimchi

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

It's difficult work, basking in the sun creating delicious food content lol ;)

Here are some of my summertime favourite meals to make and I've been loving how our selection of ferments elevate all of my meals. So go kraut crazy like me this summer!

Vegan pasta bake and Reclaimed Red Kraut salad.

Whether you want to cook the kraut into your pasta bake or simply add it on the side, it's just another way of adding veg to your plate. Adding colour and feeling good, it's all part of that summertime glow.

Fried mushroom, Crafty Kimchi and tomato salad.

These mushrooms have been dipped in a mixture of oat milk, flour, garlic and salt for a crumbly coat! However, you can keep it as simple as you like.

Homemade Pizza, topped with cauliflower leaves, sundried tomatoes, capers and Crafty Kimchi

If you don't fancy making your own dough, grab a plain base and customise from there. Mix it up, changing your toppings and krauts.

Katz Kimchi and crispy onion salad

Another quick salad bowl, as you can see, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber or whatever you prefer. If you can get your hands on some crispy onion, it can really elevate the salad and complements the Asian kimchi. It's the small things like crispy onion, sundried tomatoes or feta that can separate your salads from the usual everyday.

Salad and Katz Kimchi rolls

One of my favourites as it's so easy, healthy and delicious! Separate your salad leaves and then cut them in half, slicing down the spine of the leaf, this helps them roll easier. You could completely remove the middle stem to make it even easier. Then just lay out your kraut or kimchi and roll up. I've popped cocktail sticks in to keep them together but it's not always necessary. Here I've used Katz Kimchi, with the lettuce, its light, fresh and full of flavour.

Reclaimed Red Kraut with Miso Roast Aubergine

This dinner looks pretty impressive but is actually pretty easy to make. Just slather some miso on your aubergine halves, roast for 30 mins along with some smoked paprika coated chickpeas and kale. Add some quick cook grains, a squeeze of lemon and your old reliable Reclaimed Red Kraut for a taasty dinner!

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