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Why We Do It

As nutritionists, we LOVE food and appreciate the precious resources that go into producing it. Perfectly edible food should not be going to waste which is why we want to save as much as we're able to using the preservation power of fermentation. The endless CURIOSITY that fermentation provides drives us to explore new and innovative ways to preserve food and incorporate them as nutritious, gut-friendly additions to our diets. All we do is add a bit of salt, temperature and time and let the naturally occurring CULTURE do the rest! 


We craft raw, unpasteurised, naturally fermented vegan sauerkrauts, kimchi and piccalilli  that go great on LITERALLY EVERYTHING!  Personally we shamelessly love them straight out the jar.  We allow sufficient time for our products to mature so you can be safe in the knowledge that our products will be good and funky. We supply our fermented products to retailers, restaurants and cafes who wish to champion local produce and challenge individual taste buds.

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Currently 1.3 million tonnes of edible food is wasted each year with 1/3 of food produced never leaving the farm.  As nutritionists with long love-affairs with food we hate to see it go to waste. Fermentation allows us to preserve fresh produce, so we can enjoy it for longer.

Whether we rescue a single cabbage or cauliflower or we minimize the amount of waste we produce while crafting our products; we believe every little bit can make a difference. Little things like using cauliflower leaves in our kimchi or sharing the odd food on the app Olio contribute to solving the food waste problem. We currently work in partnership with the charity FareShare who help us acquire surplus produce that would have otherwise been wasted. We support this charity by donating a percentage of sales back to them and their mission to end food insecurity in Wales.
We are always looking to increase our impact by building relationships with retailers, wholesalers and food producers who are wasting PERFECTLY EDIBLE food on a daily basis! 

Want to help us kick food waste square in the nuts?

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