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Our Story

Meet The Crafty Pickle Co.


We are Madi & Arthur.
Nutritionists. Fermentationists. Science geeks. Tree huggers. Food nerds.

Where it all began...

While studying for master’s degrees in nutrition at the University of Aberdeen a mutual love for sharing jars of sauerkraut and in-depth chats about food over endless pints kindled the idea of The Crafty Pickle Co. A trip to the Scottish West Coast fuelled by un-refrigerated jars of fermented goodies cemented the idea as a real possibility in our minds, that we could create a business combining our major passions: nutrition, fermented foods, science and sustainability.


Our credentials

As Registered Associate Nutritionists we are dedicated to sharing and promoting evidence-based nutrition science in ways that make it actually exciting to hear about. We also both have backgrounds in microbiology (yep, major nerds) so are keenly aware of the fascinating yet complicated world of microbes that transform raw ingredients into delicious ferments, are vital to life and make up more than half of the cells in our body.

Our Aim

Our aim is to create tongue-tickling, small-batch fermented foods that add vibrancy and diversity to our diets, to do so in as resourceful and respectful way as possible and to become a part of the solution to the food waste travesty we currently live in. We got work to do people.

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