• Madi

RECIPE: Falafel Mezze with Reclaimed Red Kraut

We LOVE a mezze. Loads of little bits of different types of food? That's how we love to eat. Not just because it gets our tastebuds extra excited but it provides a whole heap of different types of foods, which increases the range of nutrients we're packing in. Yep, as nutritionists we think about this stuff, a lot.

Making your own falafel requires a bit of work but is so rewarding and once you have the basic recipe down you can experiment with different flavours and types of falafel. Carrot, beetroot or sweet potato falafel? Why not, go crazy!!

Reclaimed Red Kraut is our favourite ferment to pair with Middle Eastern or Mediterranean dishes as the tangy-mustardy taste goes great with a range of different foods. However if you want to add some extra spice add one of our Kimchis to fire up your mezze.

Ingredients (serves 4)