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RECIPE: Wild Garlic Sauerkraut

Wild garlic sauerkraut
Wild garlic sauerkraut

This recipe makes use of the wild garlic growing in the woodlands here is South Wales but is pretty extensive across the UK. You can use your nose to identify the garlic plants which have been delayed by the cold spring weather in 2021 but are nicely on their way now. Keep in mind though that these leaves won't be around for much longer so if you've been meaning to go have a harvest you're probably gonna want to go soon!

We reckon that they can be used in home fermentation in 3 main ways: leaves, flower buds and then the bulbs. The bulbs will need to be restored and replenished after the flowers have died off, and so will probably be ready in late spring early summer. The Crafty Pickle is planning on experimenting with all three plant parts but remember we have a baby arriving in June so don't hold your breathe!

There are also many other ways you can add wild garlic to your cooking - why not try making pesto, houmous or salsa?!

White cabbage wild garlic pestle and mortar
Wild garlic & white cabbage

Recipe - to fill a 1kg jar/vessel