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RECIPE: Fantastically Flexible Fritters with Katz Kimchi

Sweetcorn Fritters with Katz Kimchi

This recipe is for really easy fritters that can be served a number of ways. Small fritters make a great kids' tea (like a nugget but so much better), quick lunch, a picnic, a starter for any meal, BBQ side, posh three courser, breakfast (think hash browns) canapes, Indian side or go wherever your imagination takes you! Once you've made them once you can go wild from there.

You can fancy these up so easily too; for example add a medium sized red or green chilli alongside 2tsp of garam masala. Any vegetables can also be added in or substituted for the corn. You can also go all out on the ferments and use a load to make a sort of flat bhaji type fritter - delicious!

This recipe makes 12 small fritters or 4-5 larger ones (roughly 15cm diameter). The really great thing is they freeze well so you can make double and freeze half for another time!

Kids sweetcorn fritter ferments sauerkraut kimchi
Kids love making these fritters


Self-raising flour x 175g/6oz

Baking powder x 1tsp

Eggs x 2

Milk (whichever you have to hand) x 125ml/4floz

Can of sweetcorn, drained x 198g can

Crafty Pickle ferment (we used Katz Kimchi but you use your favourite!) x 2tbsp

Mature cheddar cheese, grated x 100g/4oz

Chopped chives (any fresh or dried herbs can substitute) x 2tsp

Sunflower oil (or similar) x 2tsp

To serve

Any Crafty Pickle Ferment, a simple salsa (see below), sour cream, smashed avocado, cream cheese. baked beans, fresh herbs etc.

Simple Salsa - (great for kids)

Finely chop 2 ripe tomatoes and mix with 2 tbsp of tomato ketchup


  1. Put your ferment into a mug and snip it into smaller pieces using the scissors.

  2. Put the oven on low to keep the cooked pancakes warm before serving.

  3. In a large bowl. whisk the flour, baking powder, eggs and milk until smooth.

  4. Stir in the sweetcorn, cheese, chives and ferment and season well.

  5. Heat half the oil in the non-stick frying pan. For mini fritters add 6 individual spoonfuls of the mixture to the pan and flatten out slightly with the back of the spoon. For larger fritters add 3 spoonfuls into the pan and allow it to spread out.

  6. Cook for 2-3 minutes over a medium heat then turn over to cook the other side. Each surface should be a lovely golden colour.

  7. Once cooked remove from pan and keep warm while making the rest of the fritters using the rest of the oil.

  8. Serve with extra ferments, salad and whatever else you fancy.

Madi's niece is a huge fan!

Had a go? We wanna know! Get in touch @craftypickleco on Instagram and Facebook

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