• Madi

RECIPE: Fantastically Flexible Fritters with Katz Kimchi

Sweetcorn Fritters with Katz Kimchi

This recipe is for really easy fritters that can be served a number of ways. Small fritters make a great kids' tea (like a nugget but so much better), quick lunch, a picnic, a starter for any meal, BBQ side, posh three courser, breakfast (think hash browns) canapes, Indian side or go wherever your imagination takes you! Once you've made them once you can go wild from there.

You can fancy these up so easily too; for example add a medium sized red or green chilli alongside 2tsp of garam masala. Any vegetables can also be added in or substituted for the corn. You can also go all out on the ferments and use a load to make a sort of flat bhaji type fritter - delicious!

This recipe makes 12 small fritters or 4-5 larger ones (roughly 15cm diameter). The really great thing is they freeze well so you can make double and freeze half for another time!