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RECIPE: Che*se and Crafty Kimchi tarts!

We LOVE meeting fellow producers and makers at the farmer's markets and events we attend in South Wales and beyond. Last year we were soo happy to have a stall next to the amazing Earthly Vegan Caterers run by Amy and her mum Lucy.

Chef Amy is (luckily!) a big fan of our ferments and has created a scrumptious, savoury pastry, with a ch*esy filling topped with our delicious Crafty Kimchi. The tangy, spicy kimchi partners really well with melted cheese and crumbly pastry crust.

Earthly Vegan caterers are a small vegan catering business based in Wales like ourselves. If you like the sound of these ch*esy kimchi tarts or the sound of quality handmade food for your upcoming event then check out their Facebook or Instagram. Of course, you could always have a go at your own Crafty Pickle creations, using our products to fill tarts, pies and pasties etc. Avoid the hassle by using a ready-made pastry and you can create endless flavour combinations. My favourite fillings include cashew cheese, cheddar cheese or sauteed mushrooms alongside any of our ferments.

Please feel free to share with us what you've created, or any recipe suggestions on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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