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RECIPE : Spicy Kimchi Pasta

Spicy Kimchi pasta in a bowl

This recipe is perfect for when your fridge and cupboards are looking a bit bare and you need a quick, tasty dinner. You don't need many ingredients and can just let the powerful flavours of Katz Kimchi do the hard work for you. We reckon this is also a recipe which might open up the minds of those who may not normally eat kimchi as its not so chunky and visible when served this way!

Because you cook the kimchi in this recipe if you're looking for the living microbes then they'll be killed due to the heat. So to get around this why not serve some extra kimchi or even a different sauerkraut on the side to get that important daily dose of live microbes.

Ingredients (serves 2-3)

Medium onion x 1

Olive oil x 1tbsp

Pasta (we use spaghetti but use whatever type you fancy) x 200g Tinned tomatoes x 1 400g tin Katz Kimchi x 100-200g (depending on how spicy you want it)

Optional: grated cheese, fresh parsley


1. Heat the oil in a saucepan on a medium heat, meanwhile chop the onion finely before adding to the hot pan.

2. After 5 mins when the onion is translucent add your tinned tomatoes and stir well, simmering slowly.

3. Meanwhile place the Katz Kimchi in a blender (or chop finely if you don't have one!) until it forms a smooth sauce.

4. Once the tomatoes have thickened (after 15-20 mins or so) add the blended kimchi and mix together. As there is already garlic and chilli in the kimchi there is no need for additional herbs, however you can always mix in some basil or coriander if you wish.

5. Bring the sauce down to a low heat whilst you boil the pasta and chop your parsley.

6. You can then serve, sprinkling parsley over the top and even add some cheese and extra kimchi if you're feeling cheeky.

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