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7 ways to re-use Crafty Pickle Jars

Our jars can be re-used just like any other glass jar. We always recommend reusing rather than recycling as that is such an energy consuming process. It's all too easy to think we are doing our bit by recycling but reusing is better (even Boris knows this!). If your jar is intact it can have a long and happy life without having to be washed, crushed and melted before being moulded back into bottles and jars. Although recycling has its place the BEST way to minimise impact is to reuse for as long as possible!

Once your ferment is finished the first thing to do is to BUY SOME MORE of course! Your used jars can then be put into the dishwasher or washed in hot soapy water. If there is any slight ferment taint some bicarbonate of soda should remove it so the jar is ready to be useful all over again!

Here's Crafty Pickle's top 7 ways to re-use your jar...

1. Return Crafty Pickle jars to...US! If you bring us back a jar we will give you 25p off your next purchase. We can't reuse the lids (for various health and safety issues) but we are allowed to reuse the jars and do so enthusiastically.

A happy customer returning our jars to us

2. Use them as a way to tidy up those pens! You can customise the outside of your fancy new penholder yourself with sharpies or acrylic paint. We think this would be a great activity to do with children.

Use our jars as a pen holder

3. Mix a lovely cocktail, salad dressing, marinade or flavoured oil (chilli oil for example). The jars are easy to shake and store to develop those important flavours. Or you can use them for brand new ferments - here's me using a jar to brew my kombucha!

Use jars to make cocktails, marinades or even for your kombucha scoby

4. Use them to fill with chocolates, sweets or small bitesize biscuits or cakes (homemade or shop bought) as a little gift to give to a friend who needs a boost. Aaaw, cute!

Crafty Pickle jar filled with sweets as a gift for a friend

5. Use them as an outdoor lantern. Just pop a tea light or short candle and it will light up your outdoor evenings with a warming glow that reminds you of your favourite kraut and kimchi makers.

Pop a candle in the jars as a cute and simple outdoor lantern

6. Store then up so that when some enthusiastic gardener gives you an inevitable glut of their prize summer tomatoes, courgettes or plums you are primed and ready to make a stash of preserves to give away as presents - Christmas sorted!

7. And finally you can even drill a whole in the lid and add a motivational message to save up your pennies for those rainy day activities.

Ask around, even if you are not yet doing any of these things plenty of other people are and they are always needing jars. Be part of the circular economy and save those poor jars from the glass furnace.


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