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Fermented Food Workshops & Gut Health Classes

Get ready to get fermenty!

Interested in the wonderful world of fermentation and want to expand your skills and knowledge? Sign up for our upcoming fermentation workshops and learn a new skill, make new friends and create your very own fermented food baby to love and take care of (awwww!)

Upcoming sauerkraut & kimchi workshops:

1st March 2020

19th April 2020

21st June 2020

Come 'Gut Healthy' with us!

Want to to learn how to tend to the billions of bacteria babies

living inside your gut? Join us for a nutrition and cooking workshop where we'll dive deep and explore the different ways of improving our gut health using tools like mindful & intuitive eating, fermented foods and a diverse diet! So freaking nerdy, we know...

Upcoming classes:

22 February 2020 (find tickets here)

Private or bespoke events?

Interested in booking a personal workshop for a SUPER nerdy party or team building corporate event?

Let us know and we'll get it sorted!