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Fermented Food Workshops

Get ready to get fermenty!

Interested in the wonderful world of fermentation and want to expand your skills and knowledge? Sign up for our upcoming fermentation workshops and learn a new skill, make new friends and create your very own fermented food baby to love and take care of (awwww!). Wanna know more? Click here

Upcoming sauerkraut & kimchi workshops

19th February 2022 from 2pm - 430pm


​20th February 2022 from 2pm - 430pm


​26th March 2022 2pm from 430pm

​16th April 2022 2pm from 430pm

​29th May 2022 2pm from 430pm

Upcoming fermented drinks workshops

​10th April 2022 2pm from 430pm

Gut Health & Nutrition Courses

We occasionally run courses looking specifically at gut health, how we can improve it and the role fermented foods might play in our health. As we're both Registered Associate Nutritionists we love talking all things nutrition so if you have a specific nutrition topic you'd like us to create a workshop around we're happy to help!

We've run nutrition workshops for large businesses, community centres, as part of wellness festivals and for charities!

Upcoming gut health & nutrition workshops

None currently scheduled - please check back later!

Private or bespoke events?

Interested in booking a personal workshop for a SUPER nerdy party or team building corporate event?

Let us know and we'll get it sorted!