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RECIPE: Rhubarb Kimchi

Rhubarb Kimchi jar sitting in a patch of rhubarb

What does mid-to-late spring mean here in the UK...? Rhubarb season!! Rhubarb is one of the first crops ready in the UK growing season and this unique lil' veggie grows all the way through summer. This means for those of us who grow it we can often end up with quite a lot of it.

Although we traditionally think of rhubarb in sweet dishes like rhubarb tart, yoghurt or with custard, you can only eat so much of these sweet delights. So why not try out rhubarb in a delicious savoury dish, like this seasonal rhubarb kimchi! When creating this recipe we researched other flavourings you can add to mix things up including orange zest, sumac, pear, nigella seeds or fennel.

And if you can't wait for yours to be done, why not check out our kimchis to tide you over 😉

Chopped rhubarb spring onion and chilli paste

Ingredients (to fill a 750g jar)

Rhubarb x 500g

Spring onion x 180g

Ginger x 1/2 inch

Garlic x 3 cloves

Salt x 13g (we use fine sea salt, but table will do)

Granulated sugar x 8g

Miso x 8g

Gochugaru (Korean chilli flakes) x 10g

Optional: one outer cabbage leaf


750g/ml capacity kilner or other jar with a lid


Chopping board

Large bowl

Blender (if you don't have one you can finely chop ingredients!)


  1. Chop the rhubarb into 1-2cm chunks and place in a bowl with the salt, mixing to coat the rhubarb. Leave to one side.

  2. Chop the spring onions into greens and whites and place the whites to one side while you shred the greens into strips.

  3. Blend the ginger, garlic and whites of the spring onion to make a paste then add the sugar, miso and gochugaru to combine, adding a little water if needed. If you don't have a blender then finely chop all of the larger ingredients and mix well.

  4. By now the rhubarb should have 'sweated' and be coated with water. Add the spring onions and chilli paste and mix well.

  5. When the mixture is well combined pack tightly into your jar, one handful at a time pressing down each time to minimise air pockets.

Rhubarb kimchi ready to package

6. When full clean the rim of the jar and top with a clean cabbage leaf or greaseproof paper, pushing down to submerge. Replace the lid and label with the date.

7. Leave out of direct sunlight on a countertop to ferment for a few days. You should see bubbling after 48-72 hours. Try often and when you enjoy the flavour and texture pop in the fridge. We liked ours after about 2 days, but flavours will continue to develop in the fridge.

Had a go? We want to know! Tag us @craftypickleco on Facebook and Instagram 🙏

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1 Comment

Great timing you two!

I currently have more rhubarb than I know what to do with.

This looks like the answer to my problems 🙂

Best wishes,

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