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7 tips for gut health this December

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

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This blog probably isn't gonna be what you think. No we do not recommend dieting in the run up to Christmas, or eating everything in sight before restricting come the new year. We don't believe that you have to overhaul your diet or restrict foods that you really enjoy to be healthy, even at this time of year!

But there are tiny changes we can all make to prioritise our gut health and overall wellbeing. We can achieve this, in part, by maintaining some mindfulness and paying attention to what our body needs and is telling us. So here are our 7 top tips to prioritise your gut health this time of year...

  1. Savour and enjoy your food - mindful eating can heighten satisfaction from food and aid digestion. So put down cutlery and take a breath to pause between bites, focusing on the taste, texture and aromas of what you're eating.

  2. Get fresh air - if you're anything like us it can feel like a mission to brave the cold, wet and wind after a big meal. But gentle activity, like going for a short walk, can help food move better through your gut and speed up transit time.

  3. Add more plants - if you're a meat and dairy fiend then think about ways to add more plants to meals. Can you have a festive salad with that turkey sandwich? Or add vegetable sticks to your cheeseboard?

  4. Think about ways to cope with stress - this time of year can be stressful for many of us, in different ways. So think about your specific coping mechanisms - do you need to pencil in time to be by yourself? Can you call a loved one to talk things through? Work out what works for you!

  5. Focus on fibre - fibre is so crucial for our gut health, and many festive foods and snacks can easily be tweaked to up their fibre content. How about roasting some walnuts to top your sprouts or adding toasted seeds to the top of canapes?

  6. Prioritise sleep - we all needs different amounts of sleep, but this time of year can mean extra partying for some of us. So keep sleep as a priority and make sure you're getting enough to meet your individual needs.

  7. Add living foods - to your meals and snacks to help add diversity to your gut microbiome. Swap a glass of wine for a glass of kombucha, make a milk kefir smoothie for breakfast or heap on the kraut and kimchi to your dinners.

If you've got more tips to share please comment below, we'd love to hear them!

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