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Celebrating Sourdough September!

Just as children return to schools and people are being encouraged to return to "normal" it is national sourdough month! If your first thought is "I wont have the time or energy for sourdough" then we would like you to take a more measured approach and allow yourself the time to do some fermenting. It might not take up as much time as you think!

Of all the people I know who caught the sourdough bug during lockdown Mary Brown's persistence and dedication to the cause has been the most impressive and I thought it was timely to share it with you. Mary lives in London and is Madi's Godmother Rebecca's mum (does that make her a grand-god mother?). She loves cooking, trying new recipes and embracing a challenge. She's now consistently turning out wonderful sourdough for the enjoyment of her family and friends.

Mary Sourdough Cook Food Noodles
Mary enjoying some dinner and wine

Mary's background (a potted history)

Mary was born in Brunei in 1934, of Chinese parents, and trained as a nurse in Singapore, prior to training & working as a midwife in London & Leeds. She recollects cycling around these cities to deliver babies at home! She also worked abroad while raising her two children and supporting her husband. Even after his death she continued to work and only retired when she was 65. Mary is the seventh child of eight children and consequently Rebecca has countless cousins scattered across the world.