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19 Christmas gifts for eco-conscious foodies

Now more than ever we need to support local businesses, so we're helping to make your Christmas shopping for foodies as sustainable and easy as possible! We've compiled 19 awesome gift ideas from businesses doing some good in the world, through their food.

All the businesses here are UK based and have environmental practices at the heart of what they do. Loads of these businesses have a mission to end food waste, like us, or another environmental aim which is key to the way they do business. So we thought we'd share the awesome work being done in this country while helping you with your Christmas shopping too!


Rubies in the Rubble - these guys, just like us, hate food waste. They make sauces and relishes using as much surplus fruit and veg as they can.

Ocelot - these guys are a micro-chocolate factory based in Edinburgh. They make artistic-looking chocolate made with ethically sourced chocolate in plastic-free packaging.

Chewsy - for the chewer in everyone's life - looking at you Dad. This is the UK's first and only plastic-free chewing gum. Compostable, natural, vegan gum.

Small Giants - a range of tasty looking snacks made with CRICKET flour! Insects are known to be nutrient dense while being a highly sustainable source of protein. Maybe for the adventurous among us?!

One Planet Pizza - know a plant-based pizza lover? Gift them a bundle of these cheesy frozen vegan pizzas and they'll be forever in your debt.

The Crafty Pickle Co. - what are we doing here?! Sorry guys, but you just knew we were gonna be in this list. We've rescued over 500kg of otherwise wasted veggies so far AND a percentage of every sale supports a charity fighting food insecurity in the UK - did you know that?!


Cooper King Distillery - these guys make a lush sounding Herb Gin in North Yorkshire, in a distillery run on 100% green energy with a closed-loop system to save water.

Seven Bro7thers - based in Salford, these (actual 7!) brothers teamed up with Kellogs to use their otherwise wasted rice krispies, corn flakes and coco pops to make beer. Brilliant.

Toast Ale - similar to Seven Bro7thers Toast use crumpets and bread from bakeries which isn't fresh anymore to make their tasty tinnies.

Arbikie - is a Scottish distillery, using peas to make vodka, gin and whisky. They grow ingredients for products on their estate resulting in carbon neutral spirits!

Two Drifters - white, dark and gold rum, made in Devon. This lot are the first rum distillery in the world to have a carbon negative footprint.

Freestar - and for the non-drinkers in your life, what about non-alcoholic beer that makes 70% less waste and uses 80% less waste than regular non-alcoholic beers?!

Flawsome! - based in Cardiff, these badass drink producers make a huge range of juices and fizzy juice drinks using wonky or misshapen fruit. Perfect for a cocktail/mocktail or 10!


Stretchy lids by Green Island Co - this company makes reusable, silicone lids you can use instead of nasty ole clingfilm. AND they plant a tree for every purchase made!

Loofah sponge - a fully biodegrable kitchen or bathroom loofah you can use instead of the plastic versions that hang about forever once they're no good to you anymore.

Scrubbies Dishcloths - these colourful 'scrubbies' are washable, reusable dishcloths for washing up that come in a huge range of designs, so they fancy too.

Re-usable paper towels - we all know how convenient kitchen towel is, but it's so wasteful! Luna Landings gives a snazzy, washable alternative that's sure to please even the heaviest user.

Stainless steel lunchboxes - Elephant Box are trying to turn the tide on our reliance on plastic with these sweet looking food containers. Plus they donate to Surfer's Against Sewage.

Herb Seeds Starter Pack - this herb starter kit from Seed Pantry helps reduce waste by making sure you have a supply of fresh herbs so you can use just what you need and don't have to get rid of what you don't. Plus they give some added inside greenery and oxygen!

Got any other ideas for us? Let us know on Instagram and Facebook!

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