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Food waste hacks for Autumn and Winter

Veggie stew with rice and wild garlic sauerkraut

We HATE food waste here at The Crafty Pickle Co. and with a third of food waste happening at home we've put together some of our favourite tips to make the most of our precious food, specifically for this colder time of year.

Knock up a vegetable stock with potato peels, onion/garlic skins, carrot tops and other flavourful veggie scraps

Roast the seeds of squash/pumpkins to dry them out for crunchy, fibre-filled topping for salads and soups (also, EAT YOUR DAMN PUMPKIN by roasting or making a soup)

Pickle with homegrown squashes

When apples get brusied cook 'em into a crumble or stew them. You don't even have to chop off the brown bit (as long as it's not mouldy)

Toss stale bread in oil and bake into make croutons for warming bowls of soup on cold days

Make ginger tea with the peel of ginger. In fact you don't even need to peel ginger, the skin is thin and chopped finely you won't even notice it

Save those cauliflower leaves - they're great finely shredded in a sauerkraut, add alongside the cauli to your cauliflower cheese or add to minestrone soups

Use past their best fruits and herbs to flavour kombuchas in a secondary fermentation or make a wild soda using our handy recipe

Fruit, herbs and flowers to make kombuchas or fermented soda

And as we always say, fermentation is the OG way to preserve food and extend the life of perishable produce. British produce that's in season around October which is great in kimchi includes: sprouts, carrots and leeks, and for sauerkraut: red cabbage, apples, beetroot, cauliflower and celeriac.

We teach workshops helping to give the gift of fermentation skills to lovely folk who want to learn to make tasty, living ferments while also fighting food waste in their own home. Learn more here.

Happy experimenting food-waste-hater! 💚

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