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Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Did you see this announcement we made on Instagram early in 2021?? 👇

Arthur Madi Vegetables

If you missed it or can't be bothered to click the pic and read through it now basically it was us announcing that we were leaving Aberdeen to move all the way down to South Wales to be closer to family as our pickle family is about to get imminently bigger! So now you're up to date we'd like to tell the story of how our move is progressing, hence the title of the blog! This is a story about us but also about how a small business might be able to relocate, in our case from Scotland to Wales, and thrive ( at least that is what we are hoping for).

The first hurdle we had to negotiate was finding a food production unit near to our new home near Chepstow in South Wales. Man it is hard finding food production units! The first one we visited was just down the road in Calidot in a business park and we managed to squeeze in a visit when we were in Wales at the back end of 2020. It was a complete kitchen which serviced the whole of the business park but it had hardly been used while everyone was working from home during lockdown. The plan for them was to relocate to the ground floor on a much smaller scale and redevelop the current kitchen into an office or something. The location is owned by Monmouthshire Council and while the site was enormous we could envisage the potential and how it could be utilised for our ferments and workshops. We felt quite positive until we discovered the price and all the other clauses and lease breaks etc. It was then we realised that they weren't kidding when they said Monmouthshire was Wales' most expensive county. Arthur was distracted for a while by the idea that pubs were closing left right and centre and could be a way forward - providing a home, production kitchen and a cellar of beer and wine. We tried to distract him from this as much as possible, but it could work for other people!

So we returned to Aberdeen leaving Madi's parents to investigate further. Ron (Madi's dad) did some extensive research and viewed a couple of places that were smaller units but would need extensive development to make them suitable for food production. These units tend to be badly insulated with very high ceilings which would be very difficult to climate control. Speaking to all involved the message we got was that food production units were very hard to find.