• Madi

RECIPE: Creamy Blue Cheese & Mushroom Pasta with Reclaimed Red Kraut

Creamy mushroom and blue cheese pasta with Reclaimed Red Kraut

Pasta...and sauerkraut..?!?

Yep, you read right. But before you click away, you're gonna want to try this. We get asked a lot what our ferments go well with and often our easy answer is... "everything!". And we really mean it. When we create recipes, we like to share just how versatile ferments like sauerkraut and kimchi are.

The creaminess of this sauce is perfectly complemented by the tangy, mustard bite of our Reclaimed Red Kraut. If you're wanting to make this a vegan dish, vegan sour cream and vegan blue cheese will work just fine to make the sauce. Alternatively if you're missing your meat, frying some chopped bacon with the onions will make a damn fine sauce too.

PS. if you're Italian and are massively disagreeing with us right now, try the recipe first - you'll see what we mean!