• Madi

Israel – food waste heroes or zeros?

Updated: May 21, 2020

The Crafty Pickle team were recently lucky to be able to take a jaunt over to the beautiful country of Israel. Perhaps politics aside there is a LOT to love about this country... the beaches, sun, quirky architecture, mesh of religions and cultures, friendly people and not to mention THE FOOD. It's safe to say Israel has ruined houmous and falafel for us... never will we be able to match the dizzy heights of deliciousness.

Roasted aubergine with chickpeas, tahini, salad and pitta bread
Roasted aubergine with chickpeas and tahini

Naturally, we were always on the look-out for fermented foods and the food waste practices that are in place. We actually got to experience very different sides of this. The picture below is taken from right outside our door when we were staying within Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, a busy market trading in all types of food (I mean ALL) as well as trinkets, clothes etc. But every day when the main trading of the market was over, any produce that was no longer sell-able was thrown into the streets and washed away to clean the market up for next days display of perfect goods. Needless to say this made our toes curl and we had to be held back from taking as much of it home as we could!