• Madi

Meeting with fellow Food Waste Heroes - Keenan Recycling!!

Updated: May 21, 2020

Co-found Arthur with Grant from Keenan Recycling talking about food waste
Co-found Arthur with Grant from Keenan Recycling

What an exciting day we've had here at The Crafty Pickle! We've taken some time off from working with our fermenty-babies to visit the Keenan processing plant in New Deer to see how they handle food waste that they collect from our homes and from commercial enterprises.

Food and garden waste comes from all over Scotland and the North of England to their processing facilities which are just HUGE. Grant Keenan (the head-honcho and name-giver to Keenan) was kind enough to take us on a tour of this mightily impressive set up. Ever wondered what happens to your food waste once you've sent it on its way in it's little compostable bag? We're going to explain it to you... Crafty Pickle style.

Lorries carrying a shit-tonne (metric of course) of food waste arrive at the facility. This waste is weighed and then dumped into a processing machine that sorts packaging from food.