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Ferments Fighting Food Waste 💚

Raw, living, vegan and naturally nutritious sauerkrauts and kimchis crafted by experienced fermentation educators and nutritionists

We donate a percentage of each sale to

Live Fermented Foods Delivered To Your Door
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Fermentation Harnessed to Fight Food Waste

We're two nutritionists handcrafting gut-friendly, unpasteurised, living fermented foods in South East Wales.

We're on a mission to reduce food waste by using as much perfectly edible, but imperfect or surplus produce as possible to craft our raw, vegan and naturally nutritious sauerkrauts, kimchis & kimchi juiceA percentage of all our sales goes towards addressing food insecurity in the UK.

We're also experienced educators sharing the wonders of fermentation through in-person workshops and our online courses.


Want to be our friend? 💚

If you're a restaurant or retail space interested in stocking our kick-ass products OR if you own or know of a business that wishes to reduce their food waste, then please get in TOUCH! 


Our business hours are M-F: 8am-6pm, but don't wait until tomorrow, do it NOW!

Unit 20F1, Bentley Green Farm, Crick, Caldicot,

NP26 5uT, Wales, UK

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