• Madi

RECIPE: Tepache – fermented pineapple extravaganza!

Updated: May 21, 2020

Fermented pineapple peel drink from Mexico containing live cultures
Fermented pineapple drink - Tepache!

What the heck is it?

A fermented drink from Mexico which makes excellent use of the gorgeous supply of pineapples that grow abundantly in their hot climate. Pineapple flesh – edible, juicy, delicious. Pineapple skin – inedible (unless you really want to be pooping that out, ouch), tough, not particularly appetising.

So, it’s awesome that some clever cookie decided to pop some pineapple skins in water, add some sugar, a lil cinnamon and create a delicious drink instead! One that (if you leave it to ferment long enough) might even get you a bit tipsy. Winning.

We knew we HAD to try this when we saw that although you can use pineapple flesh you can also use the skin – something which commonly just gets chucked out. The microbes naturally present on the pineapple get down to fermenting so no need to add any kind of starter culture.

If you have a try of this recipe let us know!! We’d love to see some other people’s pics of #fermentsfightingfoodwaste.