• Madi

RECIPE: How to make sauerkraut

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Sweetheart white cabbage in a weighing scale ready to make sauerkraut
Cabbage ready for sauerkraut

Now, making sauerkraut for the very first time can seem scary... leaving chopped cabbage out of the fridge for weeks?! HOW CAN THIS BE SAFE!? Good question. If we just left a bowl of chopped cabbage on our kitchen counter after a few weeks you definitely wouldn't want to touch it, let alone eat it. But when we make kraut it all comes down to the conditions of the cabbage that we manipulate to select for 'good microbes' which we want to grow. These conditions being SALT, TEMPERATURE, TIME and OXYGEN.

By adding salt, making sure we leave our ferment at between 18-22°C (although your ferment will be safe a little cooler or hotter than this), leaving it for enough time for fermentation to progress and getting rid of us much air as possible you'll be sure to be the proud owner of a tasty, crisp and extremely safe homemade wild fermented kraut [phew, mouthful]. For a more detailed description of why we make sauerkraut the way we do, watch Arthur's handy video here!

Now putting these conditions into practical skills, we don't want to be forgetting the 4 rules to success: Shred, Salt, Pound, Pack!

Recipe - makes roughly 500g