Will eating fermented foods fix my gut issues?

Updated: May 21, 2020

Cartoon stomach, tummy looking sad and painful
Sad tummy

There was a time in my life where I couldn’t eat anything without blowing up like a balloon and feeling like I was 9 months pregnant (not that I would know what being pregnant feels like – you women rock!) My poo’s were inconsistent, different colours and shapes, some days I pooped once, while other days close to 7 (impressive I know).

So I did what any responsible American without healthcare would do – I got on Google and boy did I find answers! From health professionals, to individuals claiming to be health professionals, to the people in between who had experienced something similar to what I was experiencing and were offering advice. As a result from my extensive ‘research’ I adopted pretty restrictive eating behaviours, popped a load of supplements and kept a poo diary, so I could ultimately get to the bottom (pun intended) of my health issues.

Man sat on the toilet with his trousers down writing in a diary about his stool or poop movements
Poop diary